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Herbal Products

Medicinal Tea Blends
I have created seven tea blends that address common health concerns.  Each blend contains certified organic herbs that have been carefully selected to restore the body and satisfy the taste buds.

Spearmint, green tea, cinnamon, fenugreek, ginger, licorice root and turmeric

  • Aimed at reducing inflammation of all kinds.  Most of us have inflammation to some degree whether it be in the digestive tract, organs, blood vessels, muscles or joints.                                                            

  • This tea can also be used topically on sprains, strains, bruises, etc as a cold compress.  

All herbs in this tea blend have been used traditionally as anti-inflammatories.

Keep Calm

Lavender, nettle, oatstraw, and licorice root

  • For conditions affecting the nervous system: insomnia, anxiety, and stress.  

This relaxing tea blend has a naturally sweet flavour due to the licorice root (different than black licorice or anise flavour).

Beau-Tea-Ful Morning

Peppermint, lavender, rose petals, licorice root, hibiscus, and rosemary

  • A balancing and restorative tea to the nervous system.  Rosemary is an uplifting herb while lavender and hibiscus are relaxing.  Peppermint helps to stimulate the mind while relaxing the body.  Rose petals give this tea blend a floral twist while licorice root adds natural sweetness.  A wonderful way to start the day or to enjoy at any time.


Green tea, dandelion leaf, cinnamon, orange peel, rooibos, ginger, and turmeric

  • This tea will benefit those that have a sluggish metabolism and/or blood sugar imbalances.

  • ​Green tea and cinnamon have both been shown to increase metabolism and studies show that green tea can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels.

Easy Breathy

Lemon balm, stinging nettle, elder flower, yarrow, and peppermint

  • A relieving tea for symptoms of colds and flu. Clears sinuses, lowers fevers, stimulates the immune system and wonderful for seasonal allergies too.

Be Hormonious
Ashwagandha, oatstraw, orange peel, holy basil, motherwort, and red raspberry leaf

  • Whether you are experiencing hot flashes, irregular cycles, or just want to give support to your feminine spirit this tea is a female reproductive system balancer.  This tea is effective at any life stage but should not be used during pregnancy.  If you are pregnant and would like herbal support please contact me for a consultation.

Be Hearty 
Hawthorn flowers, motherwort, oatstraw, rosemary, cinnamon and fenugreek

  • Hawthorn is a blood pressure normalizer and motherwort helps the heart beat strongly and more efficiently.  If you are currently on blood pressure medications consult with me or your health care practitioner before drinking the tea therapeutically (3 times per day).

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