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June 20, 2020

I will be gradually reopening my practice on June 25!!!!!  Online booking is not available at this time - you must email me with your time preference and I will tell you my availability and send you a link to the Prescreening Questionnaire which you must fill out and submit at the time of booking. 

I will greet all clients at the door and ask the COVID-19 screening questions.  You must wear your own mask or you can purchase one from me.  The mask must be worn at all times that you are in my space.

Please follow my Facebook page for additional info and updates.

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Research Article:

The Importance of Sustainable Harvesting: The Case of Chaga

Chaga has become very trendy as a general tonic beverage but due to its overharvesting it may become at-risk or even endangered.  To learn more about chaga and the best way to use it as mediciine, as well as some abundantly available alternatives, please read my full article here 

or download it here

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