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Massage provides relief from acute and chronic pain of all kinds.  I customize each treatment in order to address individual concerns and strive to make every treatment effective.  I offer traditional Swedish massage, cupping (silicone cups), and hot stone massage.

Choose from 30-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute massage therapy treatments.  Click LIST OF FEES button above for more information.


Matrix Repatterning is a comprehensive system that can help alleviate many painful conditions and health problems associated with structural imbalance including but not limited to: concussion, pain throughout the body, carpal tunnel syndrome, menstrual pain, sleep apnea, acid reflux, fibromyalgia, etc...  The treatment normalizes the structural effects of physical injury and allows the body to be restored to its normal, balanced pattern and optimal function.  A thorough health intake is done at your initial appointment followed by a comprehensive assessment (posture, range-of-motion, joint stability, nerve function, muscle tone, bone size comparison, bioelectrical scan of the body); treatment is very gentle and performed over the clothes.  The bioelectric scan and treatment utilize a breakthrough magnetic device (Matrix Mag™ Scanner) to detect electrical changes caused by injury, and confirm the precise location of Primary Restrictions (areas that are the main areas of structural imbalance in the body).


The initial Matrix Repatterning appointment will take 90 minutes.  Follow-up treatments include a shorter reassessment and take 45 to 60 minutes.

Matrix Repatterning is within the scope of practice of massage therapy and can therefore be covered by your extended health benefits.  

Naturopathic Medicine Shelf


I use only organic or wildcrafted herbs and make custom herbal medicines for clients based on their unique health concerns.  After an in-depth consultation I create a unique herbal formulation based on what was discussed.  In addition to the herbal formula I recommend diet and lifestyle changes as needed.  The herbal formula is usually a tincture (alcohol-based extract), but could also be an organic tea blend or even topical salves based on the client's particular health concerns. 

Click the button below to see some of my handcrafted herbal products.

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